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Must have task management tool for startups
Reesolv is a task tracking tool to help startups, small teams and developers focus on projects with super simple interface and realtime collaboration for free.
Yes that's right, Reesolv is completely FREE!
... and awesome!
Incredibly Simple
Using reesolv is really simple. There is nothing confusing, and everything just works. Creating a task, resolving an issue - it all takes just one click.
Indie Devs
You've got an awesome idea? Start here! Reesolv is designed for small teams and indie developers. It's completely free and motivating!
Completely Free
Reesolv is completely free, but still awesomly powerful, get the best, pay no more!
Agile friendly
We're really agile friendly. Support your iterative workflows with scrum approach! It's time to make things right.
Reesolv can be a useful tool for variety of people, providing help in different project management cases. It was developed mainly for easing the every day work of startups, indie developers and small group of individuals.

Why is it awesome? Reesolv is incredibly simple agile friendly task tracking tool. It incorporates only the features you really need, instead of giving you a complicated dashboard with a set of non-intuitive tools you won't ever be using and don't really have the nerve to study.

Project management and the development process have never been that easy and fun. With Reesolv, not only you will spend less time managing your work, but you'll also have a super motivating tool that lets you be focused on your ongoing tasks that urgently need your attention, while storing your ideas for future at the same time.

Collaborate with your fellow developers in an instant, do not lose time on communication about what each member of the team is working on now and what he should be bothering about later. Have realtime super fast communication using leading technology standards that will help you concentrate on your work and make changes in project in an instant.

Everything works with just one click. No more page refreshing to track the status of your work or check whether new tasks have been added. You can easily keep track of several projects at a time with different teams working on each of them.

Reesolv customers use built-in process improvement services to automate repetitive work processes of all sizes and levels of complexity in order to complete work more efficiently and on time. You can measure developer productivity and project velocity, get statistics on team performance, and increase your speed. We've tried to get best from scrum and agile methodologies to make our product really work.
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